Saturday Afternoon Gardening Craft

We have been enjoying the seed saving side of gardening and have collected more marigold and lettuce seeds than we could ever need.  So, I decided to use old snail mail and send a few of my gardening girlfriends a little note and surprise pack of seeds in the mail! 

Happy Spring Cards with Marigold Seed Packs

I used the following materials that were already on hand:

left over brown kraft paper,

my x-acto paper cutting board

stamps & ink

left over coin envelopes

leftover invitation envelopes

leftover shipping labels, that I craft punched and used as stickers 



I cut & folded the kraft paper into 4″ x 5″ cards to fit my left over invitation envelopes.  I hand stamped the front of the cards with my favorite…honey bees!

 I packed marigold seeds into the leftover coin envelopes, and used old shipping labels to tell what was in side and growing information.

I put a little message in side, and I hope they have marigolds sprouts in their gardens soon!

Happy Spring Gardening!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Gardening Craft

    1. Bee, this is absolutely fabulous! I love the little bee hives! I’m sure your friends very much enjoyed receiving such a lovely gift from your garden!
      We still have a few feet of snow up here, so I’m enjoying your blog very much!

    1. Very cool David! I am saving and collecting milkweed this year. It and the monarchs are in trouble, so next year I hope to spread the milkweed seeds in the same way. 🙂

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