Getting Ready to Party in the Garden

After our Spring Break travels, we turned our attention to our oldest daughter’s 5th birthday. She wanted a garden themed birthday party this year!  Of course I was more than delighted!

First we decided who, what, when and where…well, where was our backyard and garden without question!  We divided it up into two smaller parties, as we feel smaller groups offer more learning and interaction for party goers.

For both parties we decided to create a bean bag toss game. I’m all about handmade when possible, so we made everything we could. We used some leftover pressure treated wood we had on hand from our bathroom remodel.  With it my husband created a modified version of a Cornhole board for the little gardeners.  We choose to leave it natural and unpainted but glued some wooden bees & flowers on it for some color (& distraction).

While Dad hammered away, I had my second sewing lesson (ever) and made bean bags from leftover material!  I filled them with corn kernels and we were all set to play.

For our party banners and decorations we used paper materials we had on hand and left over.  Recycled computer paper and pieces of craft paper made up this banner.

Sticking with paper materials made clean up easy too. Most went into the recycling bin and the rest we will reuse for our craft projects.  The above banner will make a great tarp next time we are painting.

No party is complete without party favors. We prepared goodie bags like these for each party:

Gardening planters full of kids gardening tools, sunflower seeds, healthy snacks and even a kite for more outdoor play!

Can’t forget the adults! We also included seed ball party favors from Wall Flower Studio in our party planning!  Karen so kindly sent organic seed balls in time for our party!  We paired them with informational cards and little seed bags.  All the parents (and kids) were excited to go home to throw and grow their seed balls!

Next post… the actual garden parties! What the kids did in the garden, what they ate & some other gardening fun!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Party in the Garden

  1. I love the bean bags! You’re so clever, Bee. Reall, it’s a fabulous idea that I may have to borrow sometime.
    (Except for the fact that I couldn’t sew myself out of a paper bag!)
    But seriously, everything look so wonderful. I love those buckets, too. Just adorable!
    Thanks for sharing this special day. : )

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