Gardening Lessons at School

On Valentine’s Day I volunteered to help in the little gardener’s Kindergarten classroom. I had a blast!  I was in charge of making “Love Ferns” with the kids. 🙂 I created a worksheet and taught the children about all the different parts of a fern and how it grows.  The children first had to decorate their pots and make little planters. Since it was Valentine’s Day they were asked to make them as gifts for someone they love.


Next, they went outside in groups to dig in the dirt and ferns.  

It was music to my hears when all the kids were running to the wheel barrel to try to find a fern with a fiddlehead. 🙂 Since the ferns were going home on buses and what not, we just misted them with a spray bottled when they were done planting.


I really enjoyed my day in the classroom.  The teacher asked me to returned in March for some other gardening lessons with the kids… of course I said YES!

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