FL Seed Suppliers

Here is a list of several seed companies that have been recommended because of their sustainable practices. We personally have used and LOVE Moonlight Micro Farm.   Here is a list of more Off the Grid Heirloom Seed Companies, sorted by state.

Moonlight Micro Farm in Panama City Beach, Florida


Mary’s Heirloom Seeds in Hollywood, Florida


Florida Backyard Vegetable Gardener in Hernando County, FL


Healthy Harvest Seed Company in Central FL


Organic Sanctuary in Central FL


The Pepper Gal Fort Lauderdale, FL


Check back as we are always looking for new local  SAFE seed providers!

2 thoughts on “FL Seed Suppliers

  1. Hi, my wife and I recently moved to s Daytona. In 1975 I had an organic garden> I was in high school. The 40 x 20 ft garden fed the whole family. We have 1.25 acres that borders port orange. We are blessed with great soil and we have planted a 3000 sq ft garden (so far) 4 raised beds, aquaponics system with 100 talipia and 10 x 19 grow house, fruit trees and berries. All organic! We just love it.

    We are interested in connecting with other like minded people in the area and sharing what we have and are learning. It is March 2nd and we are swimming in early season vegies.

    My intention is to calculate how much food we produce per sq ft of garden space

    1. Hello there! I was doing some blog work and I came across some comments lost in a spam filter. I am sorry I didn’t respond this spring. How is your garden growing? It sounds like an amazing operation. I would love to learn more. backyardFLgardening @ gmail.com Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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