a gardening blog that will highlight sustainable backyard gardening practices


I think it’s important to grow your own food & to support food grown in your own community. I hope to provide a good resource for local produce choices in the Daytona Beach area! As a mother of two, our posts will also be geared toward getting children involved in gardening & making it fun for the entire family!


With some help, I hope to share & document our backyard gardening experiences. I hope we can all learn from each other & together!  So please subscribe to our website!   Remember a garden is a garden, no matter how small!

A little bit about me… 

I’m a true Floridian that grew up around my grandfather & mom gardening.  I graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Florida where I took a few horticultural classes.  I started container gardening when I moved out on my own & was more than happy to plant roots in the ground when I bought my first home.  Our family of four (plus our English Bulldog) love to travel. We spent more than 60 days camping in nature last year!

I have practiced different types of gardening over the years & would say I follow my own version of square foot gardening, if I had to summarize my efforts. With the exception of a month or so of Florida’s thunderstorms & hot weather, I find that I can garden year around in the state’s sunny environment.  I have several raised garden beds, a tumbler compost & various container gardens. I’ve talked my husband into building me another garden box this summer when gardening takes a break!  Besides the wonderful benefits of having fresh, free & organic produce, I love gardening because there is so much to learn! Nature will never bore you!

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.  ~Gertrude Jekyll