A Salad Party!

School Garden Update

The students were so excited to harvest the first of their lettuce crop!

The class decided to throw a “salad party” to celebrate.  A few parents brought in salad dressings, bowls, utensils, and bread.  I even made some cucumber infused water and called it “garden water.”

I am happy to report every one of the students tried the lettuce (but not all liked it).   They were really excited to have their principal come by to have a bowl of their lettuce with them!

We thought our first attempt at gardening was a great success.  I had eighteen 5-7 year olds excited about growing vegetables!  They learned about different soils, measured rainwater, and even learned to remove snails eating in their garden beds.

Now the debate begins about what to do with the remaining 12 heads of romaine lettuce growing in the garden.  I hope the children will share it with other classes in their building!  Everyone has been watching our little garden grow!

Happy Halloween from the Garden!


Hello gardening friends & followers! We haven’t blogged since mid summer!  We temporarily suspended our vegetable gardening and traveled for a little bit.  We are happy to be back working in the garden beds!

We have been composting and replenishing our garden boxes. The purple beans are back (as requested by our little gardeners), and we are bringing indoors a few herbs and a young moringa in preparation for the coming winter. But my favorite thing about fall gardening is the crisp lettuce!!!

image image image image


Halloween Crafting: Monster Jar Luminaries


When we haven’t been in the garden, we have been playing with the kids.  This month we upcycled some old pickle jars into monster jar luminaries!

photo (38) monster1

We simply:

Painted the glass jars with acrylic paint (careful it stains).

Spray painted the lids.

Used a sharpie to draw on monster faces!


We hope you are having a wonderful autumn and will have more blog posts coming soon!!!

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Hello April!

April is an awesome time to garden in Florida.  The weather is great… warm and sunny with a breeze.  April is typically before rainy season begins here so the bugs and humidity are at a minimal.  The only advice I can think to give this month would be since the weather is so nice, dry, and breezy… keep an eye on your watering.  I have to had to lightly water almost every other day this month.

marchgarden1The saliva is blooming in the garden right now! Salivas also known as sages have a long flower blooming period.  They attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to our garden.

gardenApril1 gardenApril2The little gardeners have really enjoyed picking cherry tomatoes in the garden.


Lots of onions have been ready for harvest this month. The girls think they take too long to grow. 😉



The rest of the month we are working on a new butterfly garden in the front yard! We started native milkweed from seeds a few months ago, but they are slow to grow this season.  We purchased scarlet milkweed, native lantana (below), and a purple variety of lantana this week.  We have several other native wildflowers and plants to add to our new butterfly santuary… once it is dug up!  There is a lot of St. Augustine grass to be removed first, so we’re pulling Dad in on this spring project!

photo (14)

I will take before and after pictures!

Hope you all are enjoying April, whatever your weather may be like!

Gardening Books for Kids

We added a new book to our Favorite Gardening Books for Children list:

My Garden by Kevin Henkes

It’s a sweet book about growing a young girl’s imagination in the garden. Preschool – Grade 2

We borrowed it from our local library, but you can also purchase it for around $12.

We are also excited to announce that we ordered the new Wings, Worms, and Wonder book by Florida author Kelly Johnson. The official release is August 20th.

A  Guide for Creatively Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning into Children’s Lives

We are excited to explore the lesson plans and see what Kelly can add to our gardening experiences. Look for a review in September. Until then you can see more of our children’s gardening book selections here.

Happy Gardening!

Late August in the Garden

We are looking forward to cooler weather!!! We’ve had our fill of August & the heat!  Ugh!

Cymbopogon (lemongrass)

We may be tired of the heat but the grasses are loving it!!! I love cooking with fresh lemon grass in the late summer. When combined with garlic & other spices it is has some fabulous health benefits.

Caladiums are one of the easiest things to grow.  I love the color they give my flowerbeds, this time of year. Be careful though they are poisonous to pets.


We are already thinking about fall gardening!  From left to right: leeks, marigolds & celery sprouts will be transplanted into the garden beds soon!  Radishes & sweet potatoes are in the ground already!  By October we are hoping lettuce, broccoli & carrots will be growing in abundance as well! 🙂


Happy Gardening!


When we cleaned out the tomato plants, I let the little gardeners play with the remaining tomatoes. We spent over an hour comparing, discussing & playing with the tomatoes.

We picked out our favorite, the ugliest, the biggest, the smallest, and the smelliest! They lined them on the edge of the gardening beds by size, color & shape.  They even made tomato families.

We made tomato soup & had a pretend picnic. We discussed how important decomposition was, in little gardener terms, and put some of the juicer tomatoes in the composter.

It was a fun lesson for my kids while I worked & got a little exercise in the garden. We all got sunshine, fresh air and enjoyed our morning with the tomatoes!

Happy Gardening!


Eggplants! Or as my littlest gardener would say, “Egg-ants!”

Our eggplant crop was the largest & most sucessful of our late summer gardening efforts this year.  The littlest gardener really enjoyed the purple veggies.

We chatted about ways to cook them on our Facebook Page this month & our followers came up with some wonderful recipes for me to try! Here’s two delicious suggestions:

Greek Moussaka (submitted by Mastergardening)

Eggplant, Flower and Haloumi stack (submitted by Caroline Webster, who is also fun to follow on Twitter)


My littlest gardener found she liked to draw with chalk on the egg-ants we harvested each week.


She also enjoyed kissing them! 🙂

And she even picked some of their flowers & counted to three for me one morning!!!

We are down to just a few eggplants left growing this season. I plan on making my families’ favorite Eggplant Parmesan (with fresh basil) one last time. 

Happy Gardening!