Our Garden

Winter 2010 Garden

Here’s the overall description of the garden:

Location: East Coast Central Florida. Most of our garden is located on the NW side of the house where the yard has the longest hours of year around sunlight.

Fall ’08 Garden: with our daughter showing us how big the plants are getting!
Our first garden!
Our first garden in our new house! 2007

Garden: We started with one garden bed and have been expanding every since. We have two large raised garden beds, two smaller raised beds, and dozens of container gardens and edible landscapes.  I grow 40% of what we eat, and have plans to grow much more in the coming year! I like to use Front Porch Pickings organic and local delivery services for the remaining produce we consume.

A few things (besides the veggies) that you can always find in our backyard garden:

Container Herbs (rosemary, lavender, parsley, oregano, thyme, chives,  lemon grass, bee balm, and mint)

My grandfather’s aloe

Pineapple plants


Sugar Cane

Banana Trees I’ve had since college

A Butterfly Garden

A fire pit with chairs (we love to hang outside day or night)

Compost: We use an Envirocyle Composter (tumbler) with compost tea container. I get it to make soil for the garden beds about three times a year. I love the 3.5 gallons of liquid fertilizer that it makes as well. I also supplement with compost and organic matter from local nurseries.


Insect & Disease Control:  I try all natural methods first… a good spray of water, cinnamon or white pepper for ants, soap for fungus, etc.  We do use Organocide (organic insecticide & fungicide) when needed.



Questions? Comments? Leave it here or email me: backyardFLgardening@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. Quick question for you-how did you get the “join us on Facebook” in your sidebar like that? I run my website myself and it’s very difficult for me to figure it all out

    1. Hi Jim, I used WordPress.com to host this blog so it is just a widget I can add. I struggle with the same issue on my other blog (www.thewoodenbee.com) since it hosted on WordPress.org. Using Facebook Developer I had a join us FB box working for awhile but then it stopped, and I haven’t had a chance to generate another code and play with it. Developer.facebook.com I think it is. Good luck.

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