A Salad Party!

School Garden Update

The students were so excited to harvest the first of their lettuce crop!

The class decided to throw a “salad party” to celebrate.  A few parents brought in salad dressings, bowls, utensils, and bread.  I even made some cucumber infused water and called it “garden water.”

I am happy to report every one of the students tried the lettuce (but not all liked it).   They were really excited to have their principal come by to have a bowl of their lettuce with them!

We thought our first attempt at gardening was a great success.  I had eighteen 5-7 year olds excited about growing vegetables!  They learned about different soils, measured rainwater, and even learned to remove snails eating in their garden beds.

Now the debate begins about what to do with the remaining 12 heads of romaine lettuce growing in the garden.  I hope the children will share it with other classes in their building!  Everyone has been watching our little garden grow!

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