Summer Gardening in Florida

I talk to people all the time that don’t think you can garden in Florida’s hot and humid summers. It isn’t always the easiest task, but it is definitely possibly, and always rewarding!

I found the easiest crops are: basil, sunflowers, peppers, and okra. They seem to love Florida’s heat and thunderstorms.  Summer is a great time to work on improving your soil as well!

Above are photos taken of our late August 2014 summer garden. Shown: purple basil, sweet basil, native milkweed recovered from the Monarchs, okra, Seminole pumpkin, and sunflowers. We have already started our Seminole pumpkins for fall and are currently preparing our soil and planning our fall garden beds.  The pine straw falling for all the Florida pines is a great, natural mulch for our pumpkin bed.


Here’s a great monthly calendar, divided by Florida’s three regions, to help you garden year around in the Sunshine State:

Florida Gardening Calendar by UF IFAS Solutions

Happy Gardening, ~Bee

2 thoughts on “Summer Gardening in Florida

  1. WOW, your garden looks incredible for August…way to go! My tomatoes, chives and hot peppers have pretty much all fizzled out but my basil, oregano, onions, fennel, sweet potatoes and various herbs are all doing great. Yeah, who says you can’t garden in Florida, LOL! 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Gardening & Best Wishes,

    1. Hey Sheri! Somehow this comment got caught in a spam filter. Thanks for checking in! Hope your garden is still doing great. Yes, who says you can’t garden in Florida!!! 😉

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