Grandma’s Coastal Garden!


We spent Memorial Day weekend traveling from Florida’s populated East Coast to it’s remote West Coast. Horseshoe Beach located in Florida’s Big Bend area is where my parents decided to retire. The last census reported a population of 224 residents, two of which are my father and mother.  My dad has been enjoying commercial fishing in his “retirement”, and after taking several years off from gardening, my mom (Mimi) is back at it!


The little gardeners really enjoyed exploring Mimi’s garden.  Mimi used some extra crab traps as a trellis for her cucumbers. The only problem, one of the cucumber grew within the traps and we had to very carefully remove.  😉mom_garden3 mom_garden2

The littlest gardener especially enjoyed the “big” corn! I have never attempted it, but Mimi’s was looking great!

mom_garden11 mom_garden6 mom_garden12

The beans, tomatoes, peppers, and peas all looked delicious!


My mom in her garden…


The pole beans the little gardeners harvested to go with our fresh caught fish dinner!


It was a wonderful weekend for family, fresh food, and laughter!

mom_garden13 mom_garden1 mom_garden14

We are blessed to have spent this time together!



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