Hello April!

April is an awesome time to garden in Florida.  The weather is great… warm and sunny with a breeze.  April is typically before rainy season begins here so the bugs and humidity are at a minimal.  The only advice I can think to give this month would be since the weather is so nice, dry, and breezy… keep an eye on your watering.  I have to had to lightly water almost every other day this month.

marchgarden1The saliva is blooming in the garden right now! Salivas also known as sages have a long flower blooming period.  They attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to our garden.

gardenApril1 gardenApril2The little gardeners have really enjoyed picking cherry tomatoes in the garden.


Lots of onions have been ready for harvest this month. The girls think they take too long to grow. 😉



The rest of the month we are working on a new butterfly garden in the front yard! We started native milkweed from seeds a few months ago, but they are slow to grow this season.  We purchased scarlet milkweed, native lantana (below), and a purple variety of lantana this week.  We have several other native wildflowers and plants to add to our new butterfly santuary… once it is dug up!  There is a lot of St. Augustine grass to be removed first, so we’re pulling Dad in on this spring project!

photo (14)

I will take before and after pictures!

Hope you all are enjoying April, whatever your weather may be like!


2 thoughts on “Hello April!

  1. It’s wonderful to see those little hands in there harvesting.
    I have lots of native milkweed seed, if you ever need more.

    Did you know you can plant right on top of the St. Augustine? Just use heavy cardboard, top it with your soil, compost and mulch. It saves a lot of digging!
    Looking forward to seeing your projects!

    1. I did not know that about St. Augustine grass. Thanks. Where are you? I am tempted to take you up on your sweet offer for native milkweed!!! I have been on the hunt and everyone is telling me three to four more weeks. The butterflies are hungry now and I will pay. 🙂 lol

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