Calendulas & the Cold


Just as the calendulas were starting to bloom the cold arrived here in zone 9b.  I feel spoiled saying this is the first of our winter cold. Yes, the first time I have had to cover my plants and it is the middle of February!

The effects of a warmer winter are all around. My swamp lily and aloe are still blooming. My amaryllis lilies are starting to bloom (a month early) and I am willing to bet the bugs are going to be awful this summer.

We enjoyed a few nights of cold weather though. The little gardeners loved helping me carry plants inside. My three year old liked putting blankets on the raised beds. She thought it was funny.

Both of my gardeners loved getting their wheel barrel out and harvesting as much as possible for the cold set in.



We have been eating delicious veggies all week, and even took a break and ahead to the zoo in the cooler weather.


We all loved feeding the lorikeets at the Brevard Zoo!

I have an outdoor craft tutorial that I will be sharing soon.  Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Calendulas & the Cold

  1. So awesome! They look wonderful, I want some of your veggies 🙂
    Too cold here in TX to grow veggies outside (but luckily we have the aquaponics in our green house and soon we can start planting again.

    Beautiful blog,


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