October’s Seed Swap Results

We had a great time at our Daytona Beach Seed Swap Event earlier this month.  I was so excited to take part, and the weather was beautiful that morning.

Here’s a video clip of our Seed Freedom efforts…

Daytona Beach Seed Freedom Seed Swap by SFGGardens



And here’s a list of the seeds I came home with…so cool!

Spaghetti Squash

Sunflower (large)

Wild Florida Sunflower (small)





bell peppers

Siberian Kale

Bouquet Dill

Champion Radish

Lemon Balm


and onion bulbs from one of our sponsors Green Winters Nursery!

They are already sprouting in the beds…

I have a renewed excitement for seed saving this fall and I am looking forward to the next swap in January. The next one will be held on National Seed Swap Day, which is held on the last Saturday in January every year.


Sign up to be notified of future Daytona area seed swaps!


Happy Gardening, Bee


2 thoughts on “October’s Seed Swap Results

  1. Thanks for posting. I got some awesome seeds from wintersown.org for the next swap. Lots of heirloom tomatoes that I have never heard of. I want to have two swaps, one on a Tuesday and maybe one on Sunday night at the Bonner garden. I don’t think I’ll have it on the Saturday, even though the Last Saturday of January is national seed swap day. I’ll make an announcement about that soon.

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