bug catching and yard work

Florida summer’s make landscaping and yard work a tough task.  Most summers my husband and I let everything grow wild and then we spend a few weekends in September trimming, clearing, and taking back our property.

While cleaning up the backyard, I gave the little gardeners some free time to do whatever the liked, as long as they stayed out of the way.

My littlest gardener, who is three years old, loves to catch frogs! So, she and her sister built little habitats in some of their beach buckets and spent hours chasing after frogs and lizards. They were so pleased with their efforts! 😉

…and mom was so pleased to get the yard work done! 🙂

3 thoughts on “bug catching and yard work

  1. What is better than kids playing outside catching frogs? Love it. That sort of thing just makes me feel utterly content when I see my own kids outside digging in dirt and collecting very important sticks.

  2. Bee, my yard was a complete disaster with the frequent rainstorms, it took a few weeks to wrestle the weeds under control. I love it that your kids get to appreciate their little pocket of nature by catching frogs. It reminded me of when my two boys were little and they caught a couple of lizards in a bucket and actually named them. Trouble was (being boys) they couldn’t prevent prodding the lizards with their litl’ chubby fingers until one of the lizards actually bit them. It didn’t break the skin and we are still laughing about that day 12 years later!

    1. Dawn, our yard is now a wreck from Hurricane Sandy’s winds and weather. I’m glad our backyard adventures bring back memories for you. 🙂 My youngest girl is a little rough with the creatures too. I know one frog didn’t survive her explorations. Take care!

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