Taste the Rainbow!


After School Activities


Earlier this week I picked up my oldest daughter (a first grader) and we went on a Produce Hunt. Our mission was to find and purchase every color of the rainbow.


Both of my little gardeners really enjoyed picking the fruit by color. We were in the produce aisle for quite some time trying to decide. hehe

The second part of our activity is to eat the colors of rainbow. Of course we can’t do this all at once, but have been eating different colors each day this week.

I let the oldest pick which one she wanted first. Red raspberries was her choice. So we made raspberry compote for our pancakes on Tuesday morning. We’ve had orange carrots in our lunches, green avocados with our salads, blueberries in our cereal, and purple cabbage coleslaw with burgers.  We even sat down and ate the entire watermelon after playing the garden one hot afternoon this week.

Raspberry Compote Recipe


For our raspberry compote I just cook a little apple juice and raspberries in a sauce pan until the raspberries are gooey and good. 🙂  You can also cook raspberries with water and sugar to make a simple compote.

We really enjoyed this activity.  Our fruits and vegetables got a little more attention at meal times this week!

Off to finish tasting the rainbow!

8 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow!

  1. Very unique and creative idea. I have a second grader and this is great idea to introduce her to new produce…

  2. I love this idea! (And I love the picture.) When I shop for produce, in my head I often think about purchasing a variety of color. I feel like you just gave me a big “A ha” (or maybe “duh”) moment to include my kids on this. Of course!!! We will do this!

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