Daytona Beach Seed Swap


On Tuesday October 9th I will co-host a seed swap event with fellow gardeners SFG Gardens and Aquarian Bath.  This is a free event open to the public. We are raising seed freedom awareness in Daytona Beach, Florida!

Please join us…

Daytona Beach Seed Freedom Swap

Tuesday October 9th 11 AM- 12 PM

Sunrise Park, LPGA & Riverside Drive in Daytona Beach


Why is our ‘Seed Freedom’ important?

Seeds weren’t inventions by man and shouldn’t have patents. Five  corporations hold 75% of the worlds commercial seed supply.  Laws are being passed that hurt farmers and the freedom of our seeds.  Our seed swap is part of a larger Global Alliance Fortnight of Action taking part Oct. 2nd – Oct. 16th, 2012.

The public is welcomed to bring open-pollinated seeds to share and trade.  My favorite part of this event… new gardeners with NO seeds are WELCOME!   If you don’t have seeds to share or are just interested in gardening this is a great opportunity!  Not only will a handful of experienced gardeners be there to answer your questions, some great organizations have sponsored our event!

Please join me in thanking our sponsors who have donated seeds for our Daytona Beach Seed Freedom event.

Green Winters
Green Winters of Ormond Beach, Florida
Bonner Community Garden
Bonner Center Community Garden, Daytona Beach, Florida
Access to Organics, Beach Street Location in Daytona opening this month!
Moonlight Micro-Farm of Panama City Beach, Florida
The Garden Hoard of Livonia, Michigan


In order to have food freedom we must have seed freedom.



If you can’t join us, SAVE YOUR SEEDS!  Hope to speak with you on Tuesday.

Thank you, Bee

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