Zinnia the Florist

We had to clear out some of our zinnia to make room for fall gardening in our little garden, so I put the little gardeners in charge of this task.

They used their own scissors to cut the fresh zinnia flowers, and then I pulled up the plants.  As I saved some of the zinnia seeds for next year, the little gardeners pretended to play florist with the cut zinnia and this is what they made…

I was surprised how well the zinnia lasted in water.  They become quite stinky as they sat in their “vases” but the flowers held their color and didn’t wilt for a few days.  I would recommend having fresh-cut zinnia on a back porch or somewhere outside because of the smell.

The little gardeners really enjoyed their pretend play in the garden.  They sold the vases to their dad and I, and we paid them in pretend garden money (leaves and acorns). 

Since they played so well, I was able to create this path around one side of a garden box.  First I weeded and transplanted some of the plants there were growing there. Then I simply used some broken stepping-stones and some dirty sandbox sand.  I will be able to reach the backside of the box much better this fall!

We still have a lot of work to do. We have been cutting back and pruning all of our tropical landscape. 😉  Florida summers grow thick in our backyard.  We have replenished our soil and re-potted some of our container garden plants. Most of the Fall’s seeds have hit the dirt and we will have more updates soon! 

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Zinnia the Florist

  1. What a cute project to do with your little gardeners Bee! I remember my two little guys (10 years ago) who loved to set up a pretend stall and play ‘shop-keeper.’ Your post brought back some special memories for me.

    Ps. I really like the pretend money aspect – if only that would work with now two older and wiser, teenage boys, sigh……….. “here go buy some gas for your car for some sunflower seeds.”

  2. =) That was really so cute. I love the idea of making the little children play as florists and paying them with acorns. Really so cute.

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