Finger Knitting in the Rain

Florida gardening is always tough in August. The afternoon thunderstorms have been fierce.  Sometimes we lose power, and sometimes it is good just to unplug everything while the lightning dances around us.  Whatever the reason we have found ourselves inside with no electricity listening to the storms this month.

So, I decided to teach the little gardeners how to finger knit. I loved to do it as a child, so I really enjoyed teaching my six-year-old how to create beautiful pieces of yarn rope. 


The three-year-old did her best to finger knit as well. 😉

Our finger knitting yarn has made us crowns, bracelets, and necklaces to dress up with.  Check out the Pinterest board I created with some great tutorials and ideas on Finger Knitting!

September kicks off Fall Gardening here in the deep south!  This weekend we are prepping the garden beds and starting our indoor seeds.  Happy Gardening (and Finger Knitting)!

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