Sweet Potato Teepee

While on Pinterest the other day, I came across this adorable bean teepee:

We weren’t planning on growing beans this year, but sweet pototoes were on the list so we are giving it a try.

First we sprouted some delicious sweet pototoes from our local farmers market.

The sweet potatoes are growing!

And growing!


And starting to grow up the old reclaimed bamboo we had in the shed. I’m thinking I will add a little hemp twine to help support the shoots has they climb.

My little gardeners have lots of plans for their growing teepee. They can’t wait to get their dolls & fairies inside to play. They think they are going to get our cat in the teepee too. ha!

I will post updated pictures as the sweet potatoes continue to grow this summer! Seems summer is already here with temperatures in the 90s and a dry backyard.

Happy Gardening!

12 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Teepee

  1. What a wonderful idea! I am going to have to try that. It looks like a great space saver too rather than letting them run on the ground.

    1. It will save space, especially with something that grows on the vines like beans. The sweet potatoes will take up a lot of dirt space though. Thanks.

  2. I too try to find alternate ways of growing veggies, which is why I’m using old 2-liter bottles to grow upside down tomato and jalepeno plants. Keep us up to date on the progress of the potatoes.

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