Busy Bees in April

Spring has been flying by. We love all the excitement in and out of the garden!  Spring is such a wonderful time of year to be outdoors. Above, we took a trip and brought our new wagon to the farmers market in Deland, FL. We won this awesome wagon (and some other cool stuff ) from #GardenChat and Subaru on Twitter in March!  

In April, we were also published on EcoEtsy’s blog: Gardening with Kids and Books. On May 10th, our next EcoEtsy article will talk about rhubarb and even include a yummy recipe!

Here’s a photo gardening update of our backyard efforts in April!

Success in the Garden:

Green onions have been fabulous this season!

The fennel has been smelling (and looking) lovely!

The sweet peas are in bloom all over the garden!  We are very excited about this crop!

Failures in the Garden:

Our celery, didn’t quite make it. We have one lone plant left, but I’m afraid it’s too hot now.  First I had trouble starting the celery seeds, then I planted them too close, AND then our fat cat decided that they made a lovely bed to lay on. She sleeps on a few border grasses in our front yard, but has never slept on any of our vegetables before.  I learned all sorts of lessons with this first celery crop. 😉

Garden Future:

The last of this spring’s crops will be cucumber and peppers. The first of the peppers are arriving.

After this season, we plan on removing all the dirt in our largest raised box garden, and replacing it with new gardening soil.  We have been gardening three or four times a year in this box for four or five years now. Even though I add organic matter to the soil each season, it is just time to start over. The old gardening dirt will be used in various places in the yard, like to continue a stepping stone pathway.

We also have plans to build another box while we are taking a summer break from vegetable gardening. Well, a break from everything but sweet potatoes and herbs that is. 😉

Happy Gardening!

4 thoughts on “Busy Bees in April

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