An Upcycled Garden Container

For a little over a year I randomly volunteered at a local community garden.  When the local college bought the land and the garden was dissolving, we had to find new homes from all the plants and gardening tools.  While cleaning up the garden, I brought one of the old tires, used for potato gardening and composting, home with me.

I took a few steps and turned that old tire into our new flower planter for the backyard! 

First, I painted it with some leftover exterior latex paint I had on hand. Then I placed some marigolds inside the hanging tire and did some experimenting. I found that the rubber tire will heat up and the flowers need more water than other potted plants. I also found out that it was better to drill holes in the bottom side of the tire so water can drain properly.

Next, I dug through all my old spray paint cans. I painted the front side of the tire green, and planted some more marigolds.

Then, got some more spray paint cans, and created a little garden graffiti on the old tire!


 After creating the design I wanted, I moved the old tire to its final resting place in a shady spot in the backyard, and planted yellow daisies in it.

Happy Upcycled Gardening! 

6 thoughts on “An Upcycled Garden Container

  1. Cool idea! We’re always looking for ways to re-purpose things. The garden graffiti is a nice touch.

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