Spring Break 2012

All my Amaryllis lilies are blooming in the garden right now. Every year, during the week of my daughter’s birthday they show us their beautiful red color. 


Other blooms in the garden:


I am happy to report, our salvaged pineapple is doing great!  What I mean by salvaged is, the unwanted pineapple tops from the dissolving Daytona Beach community garden, that have been recovering in my backyard. 🙂

Lots of sweet pea and radish sprouts are popping up all through the garden!

 New tomato sprouts as well:

Our avocado tree is recovering nicely from a fungus.

We saw this idea on Pinterest, and decided to start our own teepee from the summer. Our’s will be made out of sweet potatoes vines instead of green beans.

Caterpillars and grasshoppers have been easy to find in our backyard. Here one of them seems to have eaten my entire spearmint plant…

Funny, it didn’t eat the pineapple mint plant right next to it though!

We have lots of gardening plans in April. Seems we may have spent more of March on the boat than in the garden.  The weather has been so nice (and no bugs)!


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