Our Water Garden on The Suwannee River

A couple of times of year we visit a beautiful spot on the Suwannee River. I am in love with the garden my father in-law built!  Two azek garden boxes hang off the sides of a floating dock, which use the river to self water.

They have had success planting a variety of herbs and vegetables over the past year. Everything seems to love the nutrient rich water!

Across the river is a beautiful natural spring… the river is so low right now that you can only enter the spring with a canoe.

But it was beautiful once inside!


We went looking for manatees, since they couldn’t get into the spring. We checked further south at another small spring.

No luck! The game warden told us there was a small pod further south.  It sure was a beautiful weekend though, and the kids loved the boat rides and exploring!  Here my oldest spotted river otter paw prints.

7 thoughts on “Our Water Garden on The Suwannee River

    1. The water level changes in the river, but the dock floats so it changes with the garden box and river. If you pond level changes that I would try a box that you would lower, move up, etc. Do you have a dock you are wanting to build the box on?

      1. We have a raft that I want to fix as a dock as soon as we can get it back in the water! It floated onto shore at last flooding & it’s too heavy to get back in right now! LOL

    1. Yes it does get bitter cold!!! Another negative is when the big Sturgeon are jumping in the river in the summer. They are so dangerous for boaters. ONE fish totaled my in laws boat last year. Just glad no one was injured! It was scary.

  1. I love the Suwannee River. Stay there about 3 days a week. So much wildlife to see. Our last river ride, we saw an otter. First one we have ever seen in almost 11 years of being there and we are on the river all the time. He was so cute. Reminded me of one of those swimming racers in the olympics.

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