Christmas in the Garden


The garden is full of presents right now….like the above blooming Christmas cactus.

And a new bench, that moving neighbors didn’t want.

We have baskets and baskets full of arugula to share with our family, friends and neighbors.

A young citrus tree needed a home, so we adopted it.

Fresh collard greens from the garden will find their way into our Christmas Eve dinner tonight. We are having a Southern fish fry.

Our mystery plant was broccoli!!!

Our first attempt at celery is going well.

With this unusually warm winter, we even have pumpkins still growing.

The marigolds and Lantana are almost done blooming, but the Pentas are just getting started! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you sustainable growth in your own garden.

Love, Bee

3 thoughts on “Christmas in the Garden

  1. It is christmas morning here in deland, florida.. my spinich is looking real good as well as the collard greens.. Maybe I will pick both and make a pot of greens sauteed with onions.. Yummy..

  2. On the Treasure We are enjoying the benefits of our backyard garden of collards, broccoli, cabbages and peppers. Good to see that your garden is producing abundantly.

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