Giving Thanks


So our little gardeners were under the weather and we had a last-minute change of plans for Thanksgiving this year. We didn’t get to spent the day with family and friends, but we got to do the next best thing… We gave thanks by spending most of the day in the garden! The temperatures really haven’t dropped here in Florida. Mosquitos are still a concern and no one has been able to take the cover of the outdoor fireplace yet. However, Thursday was windy, temperatures were in the low 80s, and it was such a beautiful day!


This year, the day after Halloween, we scored a ton of free pumpkins from our local pumpkin patch!  We have decorated and played with them all month long.  When our Thanksgiving plans canceled we decided to cut them up!  The little gardeners enjoyed comparing the difference in the each pumpkin’s pulp and seeds.  Then we decided to plant some of our marigolds in them (and a lettuce sprout in one too)!  The little gardeners love their new gardening pots.


We transplanted some celery sprouts into the garden (above left), and we are experimenting with a cool variety, Organic John Baer Tomato this fall.


We harvested a couple pounds of collard greens (above left) for our Thanksgiving dinner.  It was the first time I have grown them in the garden.  They were delicious! Today we will harvest our first head of lettuce this season (above right, Bibb).

Cauliflower or Broccoli? We’re not sure, but we hope to find out soon!

Our seaweed mulch has worked out great.  It quickly starting breaking down and our lettuce beds seem to love it!

Seminole Pumpkins 

We had started Seminole pumpkins in the late summer hoping for Halloween or Thanksgiving pumpkins of our own.  Two caterpillar attacks in the garden and I thought I had lost the crop. They have come back beautiful and even though the holidays have passed, we are still hoping to harvest some by Christmas. I have a few excellent recipes for fresh pumpkins…soup, muffins, pancakes & more!


What a beautiful day! Hope everyone had a special Thanksgiving day.

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