Farmers Market Crafts

Have you visited your local farmers market lately? We are pleased to see some kid friendly activities popping up at ours!

The Green Market at the Port Orange Pavilion is in walking distance of our home. We love seeing the special events and activities it is bringing to our area. Today they are celebrating the fight against breast cancer and are also planning a green Halloween event at the end of the month. 

We have been walking over to get organic waffles, coffee and some veggies most Saturday mornings. We stumbled upon a wonderful booth of plants and sea shells last month.

Karen’s Florida Plants and Gifts, has a booth set up with a table for the children to make their own upcycled gardening creations. You bring in your own recycled glass jars or containers, and she provides washed and crushed sea shells and glue to make handmade creations.

Of course the girls were excited for this type of farmers market entertainment.  We brought in our glass jars and they rolled, glued and designed their beachy creations. 


The recycled glass jars can be used for plants, vases, pencil holders, and more.  Once they were dry, we planted Aloe Vera in our new planters.


And of course, mom had to go home with a new succulent in a lovely fall vintage planter! 😉

If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, check out  The Green Market at the Port Orange Pavilion!

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