Exploring Tomoka State Park

A few weeks ago we spent a lovely day with nature.  Having the time to post has been more difficult lately.  October is always busy because of birthdays and charity events.  We took a time out and got the kids on the boat and outside to enjoy nature for awhile.

We visited Tomoka State Park by boat and then went exploring by foot. Above, the girls are ready with their walking sticks and buckets for collecting.

I discussed the color of the sky and clouds with the little one. And then the big one and I discussed how Spanish Moss creates an ecosystem for many creatures: chiggers, ticks, rat snakes, and bats.

We enjoyed boating, picnicking, hiking, and fishing…along with these beautiful views!


Fall gardening is starting up so November should be full of gardening posts. I’m already learning lessons with garlic, sweet potatoes, and caterpillars. Grrrr. 😉

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