September in the Garden

Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs should be the title of this post!  I have had most of the garden attacked by bugs, specifically little caterpillars. Sticking with my organic gardening rules I have only hand removed them or sprayed with them water. I’ve noticed the lizard, wasp and assassin bugs have been helping me as well!


The radishes are starting to come back with new leaves growing everywhere, and some of the seeds I replanted have sprouted.


The Seminole pumpkins have been left alone by the bugs and it’s looking like we will have our own pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving this year!

The summer’s sweet potatoes are also blooming! I even dug one up to show the little gardeners they were growing under the soil!


And this is the garden’s mystery plant… in all the replanting we’ve done I’ve lost track of what has been planted where. Partially because of my little gardeners “helping” me. 😉   Guess we will see what this turns out to be… 

Lots of wildlife in the garden while I was taking pictures…


Happy Gardening!

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