June Gardening Update

It’s hot in the garden these days! I refrain from using the term ‘miserably hot’, as I’m saving it for a later summer garden post, but it is hot here in Central Florida! So hot now that it is affecting our garden.

To be honest I have additionally neglected the garden the last couple of weeks. Life has been busier than usual lately & full of its blessings & problems. When I finally got to the garden, I realized it is one of those problems now.

The pepper plants are wilted & dying. The okra & marigolds are covered with white spots, (which I hope isn’t Botrytis Blight) and the tomatoes have fruit worms loving them from top to bottom. Even the sunflowers seem to have black & yellow on their leaves. Boo!

Every time I try to extend my gardening season, this is what happens. I do not like gardening in Florida in June & July. I should let this be a lesson (or a reminder). I should wrap up spring gardening in May. Then, solarize & improve the garden soil in June & July, while getting ready to start planting in late August.

After taking a closer look at the peppers, I’m just not sure what is going on there. There is no sign of pest or infestation. All six big beautiful peppers & the plants’ leaves are all wilted. A few days of watering didn’t improve anything; a few days of no water didn’t improve anything either. I opened up one of the peppers & it is crisp on the inside but leathered & wilted on the outside. Oh well, I pulled them up, along with the okra & made sure they didn’t go in the compost. The marigolds might go next. I will need to do some more research on the spots. Hoping it is nothing major in my soil. 😦

Even my Vicky’s plant was by the potted basil & getting too much water this month.

I am thankful for the eggplants. They look great & there is purple all over the garden. I could also note the tomatoes are not a total loss. I’m removing the fruit worms & the three big plants are producing more tomatoes than I need…so far.

Happy, errr, Gardening.


One thought on “June Gardening Update

  1. I have been having some problems too, mostly I think from just pure neglect on my part. I need to weed BAD!. I have some beautiful Roma Tomatoes growing but they are being sucked dry. Our long dry spell here in west Pasco hurt a bit, but now we have good rain. I am sure this will help things get better. As for extending the season, I need to get really skilled at shade cloth, I JUST KNOW WE CAN GROW YEAR ROUND HERE! Between Hoops in the winter and shade cloth in the summer, I am confident it can be done. I am now looking to plant some sweet Potato’s, but I do not want to grow just that, I actually use my gardens for most of my families food intake, So I would like a little diversity ( and beside, sweet potato’s take forever 🙂 Awesome Blog My friend! and keep up the good work!

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