Mother’s Day Garden Update

I wish Mother’s Day was every weekend! What a wonderful time I had spending the day with my family in our backyard!  After being served breakfast we headed outdoors!  We spent most of the day digging in the sand box, weeding the flower beds, harvesting & sowing the garden & even swimming in the kiddie pools. Temperatures are now in the nineties! Soon even the shade will be too hot for comfort! Boo! 

The little gardeners helped me make an edible inventory garden list on Sunday.  Could we name everything we could eat in the backyard?! 

We sure could! Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, okra, carrots, sunflower sprouts, cucumber sprouts, bean sprouts, marigolds, garlic, sage, mint, rosemary, parsley, lemon grass, basil and aloe. Yum! 


left to right: more purple dragon carrots, eggplant blooms & our biggest tomato plant!


One of my Mother’s Day presents was my oldest planting seeds for me.  I didn’t object since it was done SO sweetly.  It is too late for sweet peas but six little seeds went into the ground on Sunday & a five year old was as proud as a rooster.

I feel April & May is the height of our spring growing season.  Better finish things up by June or the weather will do it for you.  If it isn’t the heat, it’s the afternoon downpours leeching nutrients from the soil and drowning the plants.  I am starting a few things later than usual. I just hate to stop. I’ve been planting steady since last August and I act like two months off is the end of the world.  I must be a slightly spoiled gardener. 😉 lol  

Nonetheless, I have been dreaming up ways to fight the weather. Maybe a beach umbrella over the garden will help extend the growing season?  chuckle, chuckle.  I am taking a risk with cucumbers & beans but I guess we’ll see if I can get some produce out of the garden in late June.   July I will close the garden completely, solarize the soil & add new organic matter.  My mid August we will be ready to go again!

I’ll finish this update with this picture.  I am so pleased with my tomato growing efforts this year. Previous efforts have failed but this year I have lots of green tomatoes. All my gardening thumbs are crossed. I hope to be eating delicious tomatoes really soon!

Happy Gardening!

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