Evening Bug Hunt

While dinner was cooking this evening, I headed out to the garden with my little gardeners. Tonight we had decided on a bug hunt for the last thirty minutes of day light.  With hundreds of love bugs flying all around us we investigated our little garden. Peeping under leaves & looking closely at the soil, we finally spotted some action!

My oldest gardener had decided to pick another purple dragon carrot, which was okay since we were having them for dinner. It would be just another to add to the salad.  After she pulled it up, we saw a little praying mantis!  As soon as we identified it & began following it, we watched a Southern Toad eat it!!!  Then the toad ate a few love bugs!  

My little gardeners were delighted to witness this activity.  While we waited for our dinner, we watched the toad eat his supper. We were a bit sad for the praying mantis, since we don’t often see one in the garden, but my oldest gardener reminded us that they eat ladybugs (& we love ladybugs).

We then carried the Prince of the Garden to the throne we had previously created for him. (I had to keep him safe from the little wild gardener along the way).  After several attempts to escape his toad castle, we let him get back to eating those love bugs.

It is amazing what a few minutes of nature will bring us.

Happy Gardening! 

Psst – here’s a great link for identifying frogs & toads in Florida!


2 thoughts on “Evening Bug Hunt

  1. Isn’t that fun! I’ve yet to see a Praying Mantis around here, but my son has seen them. Wonderful, Bee! A tasty treat for the King Toad. Love his castle, too! : )

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