Gardening Play with Palm Bark

While taking a scroll through the neighborhood we came across this palm bark piece, from a Queen Anne Palm, and the following conversation took place:

My oldest gardener: “Wow mom, love the shape of this tree bark, wish we could take it home.”

Mom: “We can.”

Oldest gardener: “We can?”

Mom: “Of course.” and onto the stroller went the large piece of palm bark.

Little gardener riding in the stroller: “Yeeaahh!”

After getting it home, we pretended it was a cruise ship for bugs taking a journey through the rain forest.  We sailed it across the ocean grass, then pretended it was a canoe on the Suwannee river taking fairies to a secret palace.  After a week or so of turning it into a new backyard toy we decided it was time to make it part of the garden.

We decorated the outside of the tree bark with non-toxic paints!


Then we filled it with gardening soil.

We planted green onion seeds & watered them.

In the days that followed, the washable paints started to fade.

But we have onion sprouts & the little gardeners are excited to check on their new garden container each day!

Happy Gardening Play!

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