My 101 on Lilies

When it comes to stepping out of the box, the vegetable garden box…I am a novice gardener.  However, I have been slowly developing a love for lilies. Maybe it’s because two close friends in very different circles, had babies they named Lily. Or maybe it’s because every year on my daughter’s birthday, our Amaryllises bloom. Whatever the case I have been learning more about them and looking for ways to carefully incorporate them into the garden.

Our Amaryllis Lilies bloom just once in March and April and bear cluster of four red flowers.  These lily bulbs were given to be my hair stylist over seven years ago. I have transplanted them everywhere we have moved.

Next in line to bloom will be our Swamp Lily. When I moved in with my husband over ten years ago, he showed up with a house plant. Once we moved into our first home, I moved that house plant outside and within a few weeks we had a Swamp lily that was huge and blooming (which it never had done before)!  That following summer the four foot lily gave me more than twenty baby lilies. I dug them up and gave them to some of my gardening friends. Swamp lilies will start to bloom in April or May, depending on the weather, and will continue to bloom until it gets cold again.

New to our yard this year are Gloriosa lilies.  A friend gave me some of these tropical lily bulbs.  I researched what they looked like and how they would need a trellis for assistance. I had an old one lying around, so I thought I’d throw it up in a bare spot and plant these free lilies. One of them is close to showing us its first bloom!

One important thing to note…most lilies are toxic!!! Even my Easter lily is toxic, which I moved outside as soon as I realized this.  I am thankful it never made my children or animals sick since it took residence in my living room for the last five years. With a wild toddler age gardener, a cat and a dog to consider, you can never be too careful.  That’s one nice thing about vegetable gardening…you never have to worry about eating something poisonous! 🙂

Happy Gardening!


3 thoughts on “My 101 on Lilies

  1. I am a lily hoarder! hahaha – I have over 10 types of daylily, 15 types of Asiatic, Orientals, Cannas… if it’s a lily, I got it! That is so awesome! We should do a lily trade sometime – that would rule!

  2. Garden Hoarder, please email me pictures of your many lilies. I also have several and am looking for the names of each. Many thanks!

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