Spring Update 3/20/11

Hello Friends! We are busy bees in our garden right now! We are trying to enjoy every minute of spring, as we know the heat & summer will be here before we know it (or want it). I decided to let the pictures guide our update this afternoon. Enjoy!

The first of the spring radishes are popping up everywhere!

Lettuce was in abundance this year. We have let a few heads continue to grow in hopes of harvesting our first seeds. Boy, have they gotten tall!  If I have read correctly, they will bloom & then produce a seed head. (If any of my gardener readers have suggestions here that would be great). I thought it would be cool to plant my own seeds next year and of course I felt like some of the lettuce wasn’t going to go to waste. We just had way too much!

The first strawberry of the season! It seems our switch from growing the strawberries in the ground to growing them in containers is going to be successful.

These Teddy Bear Sunflowers were our first organic seed purchased on Etsy. We have about 8-10 sprouts along the garden wall right now. Something has been enjoying a taste of them though!

Our French Dwarf Double Mixed Color Marigold seeds are sprouting! This is the first time we have tried to grow marigolds from seeds. They were also purchased on Etsy from a fabulous master gardener! My little gardening girls are always excited to grow flowers!

 Tomatoes are one of our favorites but I have had terrible luck with them all my gardening years.  They didn’t even make it into the spring garden last year.  However, I like a challenge every now and then, so I purchased these celebrity tomatoes from a local nursery. Four of them were added to the container portion of our garden space.  Fingers crossed… 

No matter how much it is neglected, this aloe grows great in our backyard.  My grandfather gave me some of his aloe crop years before he died. He’s now been gone almost nine years.  I have it growing everywhere and have given tons of it away.  I’m always getting new aloe shoots, like the ones shown above.


The Herb Garden. After another cold Florida winter I have decided to grow some of my herbs inside next winter! We missed having fresh, easily accessible cooking herbs. For now, they are starting to return.  From left to right: rosemary (we’ve never seen it to thick), Greek oregano, (forgotten) sprouts of lavender, and pineapple mint.

Our final photo for this update… our Florida Avocado sprout. We made several attempts before we successfully sprouted one.  My oldest gardener has nicknamed it “Roots,” as she was quite impressed with all the roots that first appeared from an avocado she ate and then stuck in water with toothpicks. 😉

More updates soon. Happy Gardening!

4 thoughts on “Spring Update 3/20/11

  1. Alan we moved the avocado seed from the water to the soil when the shoot had grown a few leaves & the root system was well established. We have two right now & both moved very easily. We just kept the soil extra moist at first & let the top of seeds stick out of the dirt. Good luck!

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