Reading in the Garden

Since our Florida weather has warmed up we have taken learning outdoors!

Last month our Rock Bluff Garden gave us some left over pieces of azek.  Azek is a PVC material that is waterproof and great for outdoor uses. Our Rock Bluff gardeners used it to build their floating river garden boxes. We decided to use some of the pieces as garden markers! 

First we painted the azek pieces with chalk board paint and after they dried, we stuck them in the garden!  Our little gardener is learning how to read, so now the azek markers are helping her read outside! We use chalk to write words & messages to the garden.  We like to secretly change the marker to surprise the little one with new words each week.

 So far we have used the markers to help teach the following words:

  • Grow
  • Water
  • Keep Out
  • Garden
  • Rain
  • Eat Me!

Of course the markers could be used for traditional purposes, like marking seedlings & identifying crops. All around, this is just a great way to keep this material out of the landfill!

Happy (Learning and) Gardening!


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