Spring isn’t too far away…

Start planning for your spring garden today! What can you do in the cold? In January in Central Florida you can do the following:

  • Continue planting cool season crops: lettuce, beets & cabbage are Florida favorites. We just started spinach in the garden!
  • Now is the time to plant deciduous fruit. Check out this great article for growing fruit in Central Florida. Anyone for a good peach tree?
  •  Florida celebrates Arbor Day on January 18th. Plant a deciduous fruit tree! How about a Flordahome Pear Tree (see table 3 & 4 of the above article)!
  • Don’t cut back your Crape Myrtles this month! Just remove seed pods & crossing branches to improve appearance & form.  
  • Remember to adjust irrigation every month based on rain fall!
  • And finally, ORDER YOUR SEEDS!!! Check out Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower…  an Etsy Treasury featuring backyard gardeners who sell their seeds! It’s amazing the different varieties of produce out there! We can’t wait to grow our purple dragon carrots this spring, ordered from a sustainable gardener on Etsy!

Happy Gardening!

2 thoughts on “Spring isn’t too far away…

    1. Thank you. Arbor Day is celebrated by each state differently. Most states are in April but Florida’s is the third Friday in January every year. Thanks for the correction. I’m glad you are following. 😉

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