Fall 2010 Update

Happy Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, we were too busy to update our garden blog in the month of October…but we weren’t too busy for gardening! Here’s what we’ve been learning & doing in our backyard!

In the garden…

Our romaine lettuce has been delicious. We had lots of it ready at the same time, so we called on friends & neighbors to help us eat it last week! 

Our peas have had a little trouble with the wooden trellis this year but with a little help are blooming & showing us the first of their pea pods.  (Gardening Note: wire trellis is much easier for peas to climb).

The onions are half way through their growing cycle & the carrots should be ready just after Thanksgiving.  We have tons of baby lettuce sprouts all over the garden, some to grow & some to share with a local community garden.

green ice lettuce

Around the garden…

We have failed at growing stevia & sage this season.  Our tarragon & our oregano look beautiful but our container strawberries are getting eaten by some small animal (or some small child). 😉


We started some Christmas cactus for family & friends a few months ago.  The cacti are doing lovely & even blooming a bit early this year.

For the first time, we also attempted to keep our poinsettia from last year. We have kept it alive all year & now have repotted it, fertilized it & are looking forward to seeing it turn red (fingers crossed).

Online in the garden…

We have updated all our local gardening pages. Check them out & see what our local gardeners are doing in their gardens!  I will update more in the next month I promise! Happy Gardening! 

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