Citrus U Pick

One of my favorite things about Florida’s winter season is its oranges, seems fitting, since it’s the sunshine state.  Our family makes trips to the citrus grove every year. We frequent the same one, Gordon’s Grove in Deland, Florida, a few times a year between November & January.  Satsumas are available early in the season & navel, grapefruit, Ambersweets & the others become ripe during the winter months.  This year they were $8.00 a bucket (1/2 bushel) mix as you like. You even pay on an honor system if the Mr. & Mrs aren’t around to say hello. 

Besides the fun of the actually picking, the fresh squeezed OJ & the joy I get supporting local, fresh produce, we also love to use the citrus as a way to say thank you! We purchased little fall baskets & filled them with the citrus we picked. We then passed them out as thank yous to those that help us throughout the year… the girls at our local salon, our mail carrier, the neighbors that keep an extra eye on great grandma, our school teacher, etc.  Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to give thanks & the citrus are a perfect way of saying it.  Who doesn’t love an orange?

Satsumas for Thank Yous

More U Pick & Produce Resources:


National U Pick Farm Resource (including Gordon’s Grove info)


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