garden update

Current Garden Contents:

cucumbers, radishes, corn, cubanelle peppers,  cherry tomatoes, okra

For this months post I took pictures at the beginning & at the end of the month. I think this helps show how quickly things can change & how a garden can entertain!

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The garden is a buzz with life!  The cucumbers are climbing well & looking healthy.  Ants have been bothering my yellow cucumber blooms though so I’ve been sprinkling cinnamon & white pepper. However, this just made the ants move to another cucumber plant. I plan on reapplying & hope they won’t do too much harm. I have dozens of baby cucumbers!

My cubanelle pepper plants are the most mature.  One is giving me two beautiful peppers that should be ready any day!  Cucumbers & cherry tomatoes are next in maturity. Both are showing us lots of tiny veggies & yellow flowers! Okra, corn & radishes are in the earliest stage of growth & all have been under attack by bugs. I had to spray Organocide (an organic insecticide & fungicide) & will have to again this week. I’m a bit worried about the corn. I have never had success (or space) for growing it but my four year old daughter really wanted to grow it this season so were giving it a try. I hope I can get a few ears big enough to excite her!

Check out the rest of the garden blog for updates too!!!  Backyard Gardeners are sending in picutres & reports & I even had a chance to update the farmers market page!

Happy Gardening!

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