A Saltwater Garden

A Horseshoe Beach Garden

Not literally a saltwater garden but the prettiest thing I’ve seen 10 feet from the Gulf of Mexico’s brackish waters.  While on vacation last week I came across this lovely garden & its owner.  Although this garden doesn’t specialize in edible produce I still found it to hold some pliable gardening tips:

When the seas threaten & the saltwater is rising, the owners water the garden with lots of fresh water.  After the sea recedes, they water the garden yet again with fresh water. The roots absorb fresh water first to protect it from absorbing too much saltwater & then the second watering helps flush the salt from the roots & ground.  The owners reported that in all their years the few plants they have lost from the rising saltwater have always come back & have never been completely killed off. 

I asked how they combated the sandy soil & beamed when I heard the answer…“our composter!”  A large black circular Earth Machine composter lay in a sunny spot in the middle of the garden.  They say coffee is their composting secret & the Earth Machine allows them to adjust ventilation while the black color maximizes the heat.

I thought this a wonderful tip for our beachside gardeners & hope for those looking at their soil & wondering if anything will grow out of it! What a beautiful garden in such harsh conditions!  The middle picture shows the ocean just cross the road on the other side of the fence.  The far left shows how well the garden space is utilized with trellis on the veranda & the far right shows amazing color coming out of salty, sandy soil!

Did you ever think how a bit of land
shows the character of the owner? 
~Laura Ingal
ls Wilder~

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