Peas in the Garden!

Early Peas in the Garden!

sweet peas in the garden

Burpee Signature Burpeeana Early Peas
Florida growing season: September- May
Harvested about 65 days
Organic Fertilizer was applied when plants first bloomed
This was my first attempt at growing peas.  Quick & easy!  The plant gave us little white flowers on fancy little green vines, which quickly turned into pods. We weren’t sure when to pick but quickly realized you can’t go by the size of the pod (see below). You have to measure the fullness of the pods.  The best peas were in “swollen” pea pods, where you could almost count the peas inside.  The plants root system is shallow & you have to be careful you don’t damage the plant when harvesting the pods.  I used little garden clippers but you can use both hands, one to pinch off the pod, one to hold the vine. Picking every other day will help the plant produce more as well!

immature & mature pea pods
Top: immature pea pod split. Bottom: mature, swollen, pod split.

Peas thrive in cool weather so they were a perfect early crop for our spring garden.  Pests & diseases are a rare problem. Just keep an eye out for aphids.  If you want to grow them in the fall, they just need a bit more shade. Spring & Burpeeana Early garden peas are recommended for beginners gardeners. Alderman is good if you have limited space & a trellis. Adding support to any pea type will only increase your yield!

sweet peas

Peas are best when cooked very quickly. Steam until just tender but do not boil as sugar will dissolve & flavor will be lost! 

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