Butterfly Release

On Mother’s Day our Painted Lady Butterflies were ready to be released.  We had lived with 10 of them for weeks, taking them to show n tell and moving them into their butterfly nets to wait for their completed transformation.  Raising them with my children each spring is always the neatest thing. We learn something new each time!  

This year we could see the chrysalis change so clearly. We would know which ones were going to hatch next.   One morning as we were eating breakfast, we had the opportunity to literally watch one come out of its chrysalis.  My oldest couldn’t believe how little & wet looking the wings were & then how quickly they opened & dried.  We never seem to grow tired of the miracle of life!


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7 responses to this post.

  1. Bee, this is incredible.
    What a fabulous way to celebrate Mother’s Day.
    So amazing to see the chrysalis change and a butterfly take shape. The children must have loved it!


  2. How beautiful Bee!! The life cycle of butterflies is so facsinating. We love getting to be first hand observers too :)


  3. Wow – I know nothing about butterflies! Did you purchase them somewhere to hatch yourself? They are gorgeous!


  4. [...] We have really enjoyed Painted Lady butterflies and pink lady beetles a few times now. See them here, here and [...]


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